Stoptrack has integrated a host of connected vehicle features into our system for our customers.

For convenience these can be accessed either through the StopTrack Mobile App (available on iOS and Android) or from the customer web interface and allows the customer to remotely access and manage numerous vehicle security, safety, privacy and convenience features.

Features include:

Touch ID or PIN Code Log-in

Encrypted log in using the latest in blockchain technology.

Real Time Vehicle Location and Status Updates*

Displays accurate location and key information about a vehicle in real time.

Recent Journey Details*

Review recent journey information which includes the route driven, distance, time and driver feedback (covering harsh acceleration and braking).

Privacy Mode*

If a customer would prefer that their vehicle is not tracked, they can simply switch on the privacy mode. This still covers all security protocols but switches off tracking and monitoring.

Find My Vehicle*

Ever forgotten where you’ve parked or struggled to find your vehicle? The find my vehicle feature provides location and walking directions back to the vehicle should you require them.

Account Management and Preferences

Update information, make changes, manage your account and set preferences on which notifications you wish to receive.

* Active subscription required