It is essential that any security system works both in harmony with the vehicle but just as importantly is not a burden to the owner.

Utilising ADRT technology, StopTrack requires no interaction either daily or periodically by the vehicle owner and automatically works around the owners normal vehicle movements.

Over The Air (OTA) Updates, Diagnostics and Commands*

Like many modern forms of technology, StopTrack utilises OTA technology in order to ensure the fastest, most convenient and best possible experience for our customers.

With a proactive and continual development programme in place we are able to carry out any required diagnostics or send updates OTA to customers vehicles.

Lost/Damaged ADRT*

In the event a customer was to lose or damage their ADRT whilst out shopping for example they will not necessarily be stranded. By calling the SMC and providing they pass security, the operator can send an OTA command which will disarm the StopTrack system allowing them to return safely home. Once the vehicle is turned off it will automatically arm and protect the vehicle again.

Programming/Removing Tags*

Most security systems will have complex procedures, often requiring an engineer visit or for the owner to take the vehicle to a service centre should they require additional ADRT programming. We have simplified this process with through the StopTrack OTA function.

Should a customer need an additional ADRT then this will be sent to them. Once received our technical support team can send an OTA command instructing the system to learn and permit the new ADRT. The same is true on reverse should an ADRT need to be removed from a vehicle.

Low Battery Alerts*

StopTrack will automatically detect and then directly alert the owner should either the vehicle’s battery drops below an acceptable level or if an ADRT battery is low and requires changing.

ADRTs Per Vehicle and Multiple Vehicle Use

To ensure that even the busiest of households have been thought of we have developed each StopTrack to operate with up to 6 ARDTs. Each ADRT can also be programmed to multiple StopTrack systems cutting down on the number of tags required for households that share vehicles.

If a vehicle is sold or disposed of then an OTA command can be sent via our technical support team to the vehicle, giving it a command to deprogramme the ADRT whilst ensuring they still work without issue with all existing vehicles that they are associated with.

The new owner can then just apply for new ADRTs which can be programmed to that specific vehicle.

* Active subscription required