StopTrack uses many technologically advanced features to provide a comprehensive vehicle immobilisation and tracking system.

Independently Tested

StopTrack has undergone extensive testing at Thatcham Research to ensure full industry compliance in quality and security and has been awarded Thatcham Security Certification in full accordance with the highest possible S5 Category.

Always at Work

With the clever introduction of sophisticated Automatic Driver Recognition Tags (ADRT) technology, achieved through an encrypted key fob which is attached to the vehicle's keys, security is automatic with StopTrack eliminating the need for the driver to carry out any actions or sequences when entering or exiting the vehicle.

StopTrack utilises a separate vehicle immobilisation circuit which is linked to the system's ADRT. This is automatically deactivated providing the correct ADRT is present in the vehicle, it also means the vehicle cannot be started without the correct ADRT even if the vehicle manufacturer's security protocols are compromised which would usually result in theft. After a short period of exiting the vehicle with the ADRT, the system will automatically arm itself.

Remote Immobilisation*

Whilst Thatcham Research has removed the requirement to remotely immobilise a vehicle after theft once located, StopTrack has retained this feature. Should the owner’s keys, for example, be used in a vehicle theft – once the vehicle has been located our Security Monitoring Centre (SMC) can send an over the air command to immobilise the vehicle.

Towing & Tamper Alerts*

StopTrack will recognise any attempt to tow or move a vehicle without the ADRT present. This will trigger an automatic protocol to send an alert to the 24/7/365 UK based SMC.

The same protocol is triggered should anyone attempt to tamper and remove the system. Even if the power supply is cut, the 8 hour rechargeable battery is still able to fully communicate with the SMC.

Once a security alert is received by the SMC they will then contact the owner of the vehicle to determine whether a crime is being committed, and if necessary, liaise with Police forces.

Location GeoFencing*

Provides the ability to set specific times and areas where the vehicle should be. If these rules are breached the owner will be automatically alerted. Ideal for early discovery when a vehicle is stolen overnight following burglary.

* Active subscription required